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Our Promise

At Cardinal Hill Wealth Advisory Group, LLC our mission is to help clients achieve their financial goals and dreams by building and managing wealth at all life stages. We accomplish this through disciplined investment portfolio management and wealth planning based on a needs analysis of your financial profile. Our philosophy is to empower our clients to realize financial independence, security, and peace of mind through wealth accumulation and wealth preservation, the core of our investment management strategy.

We endeavor to earn your trust by upholding the utmost ethical and fiduciary standards. Our belief is that a relationship based on mutual trust will be an enduring one and that the more we learn about you the better able we are to serve you, both emotionally and financially. Your assets are managed to fit your financial personality as well as your financial objectives, during times of prosperity or uncertainty.

We will make every effort to learn about you, either as an individual or on behalf of your organization, and listen to your financial objectives and goals. It is our intention to become familiar with your unique and specific situation. We will meet with your tax and legal advisors to gain further insight into your distinct financial picture and integrate this knowledge into the holistic approach we take toward wealth management. Accordingly, our investment advice will be tailored to you and ONLY you.

At Cardinal Hill Wealth Advisory Group, LLC, we work with select individuals, their families, non-profit entities, and business owners. Our wealth management resources encompass strategies not only to increase your wealth over the long term, including income planning goals for retirement, but to also provide solutions designed to protect that wealth for current as well as future generations against principal erosion due to taxation, market volatility, or other forces.

Our organization is committed to delivering superior client service and value. It is our utmost priority to ensure that every client feels well served by our firm and that we provide this in a dependable and highly personalized way. We will contact you no less than 12 times a year (more or less frequently at your request) and will schedule (2) face-to-face semi-annual meetings to evaluate and monitor progress made toward your financial goals. We want your experience to be one of excellence and we will continually strive to earn your confidence.

Thank you for choosing Cardinal Hill Wealth Advisory Group, LLC for all your wealth management needs.